about sparkle princess

Rachel Singer is a New York City based performer, designer and visual artist. Her persona and label “Sparkle Princess” is an ever changing walking art image and installation. After many successful years in the commercial design world Rachel chose to pursue a more pure form of self expression. In 2009 Rachel's self style turned heads and evolved to a high fashion level attracting designers, editors and club promoters. She styled runway and print, consulted with designers and appeared in nightclubs as “living art” 

Some years ago Rachel received a family; heirloom knitting needles and books from her grandmother. An artist that inspires Rachel greatly and is still an important part of her life. Rachel considers knitting to be “the purest form of making clothing, it’s just me the yarn and my needles, no machines” Rachel goes into a meditative state when knitting and has found a way to channel her energy and feel serenity. 

Rachel teamed up with her lover and artist partner Jeanise Aviles in 2014 creating an installation with live performance at Art-a-Porte in Times Square sponsored by Chashama a new challenge they found extremely rewarding and fun. Rachel launched her label Sparkle Princess in September 2015 consisting of hand knits and crocheted accessories.

“All the colors are love and happiness” is her mantra. Sparkle Princess hopes to reach more people with a peaceful and hopeful message. She touches lives everyday with her colorful and optimistic style. Further validating the message of color, love and hope can’t be silenced.

Special thank you:

Brett Lindell Photography for all the photos created on this website.

Tracy Morgan- Prop Stylist

Kaytee Papusza- Asst Art Director

Reiko Lauper Web & Graphic Design

Zack & Kearney- Location

Johnny Rozsa - Profile Photo